Facial Anatomy: Dissect and Inject

The Facial Anatomy: Dissect and Inject course will refresh your anatomical knowledge of the head. This course is aimed at qualified Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses.

Why choose LMEDAC?

This course will be an interactive training experience focused on you and your needs. Giving you a really engaging opportunity to put into practice what you are learning during the course. This course also offers 7 CPD points.

What should I expect?

On a full day course, working on one side of a face, you will cover (please click on the agenda for full details):

– Dissection to include identification of glabellar muscles, frontalis, supraorbital nerve

– Dissection to include identification of fat pads, infraorbital nerve, facial artery, muscles of facial expression, eyelid layers.

– Dissection to include identification of platysma, jowls, depressor angular oris, depressor labii inferioris, mental nerve, mentalis and anterior margin of mandible.

Limited places available please book early.

Lorna Jackson, Editor of the Consulting Room, details her thoughts on attending our first facial anatomy training course. Read the full feature article here.


27th September 2018

Post-graduate Skills Centre, Nottingham

(levels of Cadaver:attendee ratio)

1:2 – £1300 (exc VAT)
1:1 prices available on request

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